“But I say unto you:  That ye resist not evil, but whosoever shall smite thee on the right cheek; turn to him the other also.”  (Matt 5:39KJV)

What did Jesus mean by this verse?  It is obvious that he was not speaking of literally turning the other cheek.  What then was He teaching?

Good, like light is permanent, omnipresent and all-powerful.  Evil, like darkness is temporary, without a character of its own, and fades when good appears.  What we call ‘evil’ often exists only in the mind when that mind is unoccupied with good.  The secret is not to wrestle with error because the more you wrestle with an idea, the more life you give to it.  The only power an idea has is the one you give it with your thought.  Give it no thought and starve it to death.

Have you noticed that fear, hatred and resentment are often accompanied by strong emotions?  Faster heartbeat, agitation, dry mouth, hoarse and raised voice etc.,  all of which compound the initial cause of the problem.

Going over old grievances and offences recharge them with new life; reopening healed or healing wounds.  By recounting in graphic detail an offence of 25 years ago, you have just renewed what was slowly expiring on its own.  ‘I remember it like yesterday, exactly five minutes after eight, the morning of April 8th 2005, you said this and that to me…’ you say.

When you resist mentally any undesirable or unwanted circumstance, you give it more power – which it will use against you.  Use the power of your opponent against him instead of resisting him.  This is a principle well understood by wrestlers and martial artists.

So when you meet a difficulty; physical, emotional, financial or whatever it is, don’t hurl yourself at it as most people do.  And don’t stubbornly stand in its way yelling: ‘You shall not pass’.  Instead refuse to feed it with more power.  Feel out for the Presence of God as if feeling for someone in a darkroom.  Fill your thought with the Presence of God and the trouble will fade away into nothingness as His presence gives you ‘light’ in the midst of the darkness.

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Remain blessed.