The Price of Greed

Greed deprived the world of one who might have been the greatest prophet of all time.  This was how it happened.  Elijah was the greatest prophet in Israel in his days.  He single-handedly challenged and defeated hundreds of Baal’s prophets on Mount Carmel after praying down fire from heaven, among many other things he did.  He was feared and respected by everyone in Israel. Later he was taken up to heaven in a chariot of fire, leaving his servant Elisha behind to carry on the work.

Next, Elisha came on the scene.  He had been a faithful servant of Elijah, and just for the asking, inherited a double portion of his master’s spirit.  Bible scholars and historians tell us that Elisha’s miracles doubled those of Elijah’s; both in number and magnitude.  He became an institution for God in the land of Israel.  Kings and military commanders trembled at his word.  And, like his master, he also had a servant named Gehazi.

Gehazi was active in Elisha’s ministry.  More than once, Elisha sought his input. For example, Elisha sought his opinion how to reward the woman of Shunem for her kindness.  Just as with his master, it is not unreasonable to suppose that just for the asking, Gehazi could have inherited a double, triple or even quadruple portion of Elisha’s spirit, if he had remained faithful to Elisha.  That was the way of the prophets in those days. 

However for “two talents of silver in two bags with two changes of clothing”  (2 Kings 5:23), he lost his ministry and became a certified ancestor of lepers till this day.  He could have been the greatest prophet in history after Moses, (who spoke with God face-to-face as a man speaks with his friend) He was the greatest prophet that never was.  My Christian friends, consider the story of Gehazi and what greed cost him.

Will you pray this prayer now:  “Father, God, close my eyes and mind to Naaman’s “two talents of silver and two changes of clothing” so I will not miss my place in history, and I thank you in Jesus name. Amen.  (Full story in 2 Kings 5)

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