Seeking and Finding

Have you noticed that people often find what they look for; especially the negative stuffs?

Leave home in the morning looking for trouble and chances are, by mid-day; you’ll be swimming in lots of trouble! You don’t even have to be determined. It will come easy and steady.

Similarly, head to work in the morning expecting to hear something nasty and unflattering about yourself. Latest by lunchtime, you most certainly won’t be disappointed. You would have heard an earful.

Recall your experiences over the years, and you’ll most certainly confirm that nearly every negative thing you have looked for; you have found, or it found you.

The Law of life works both ways. It makes no moral judgment. Think good, and good will follow you. Think evil, and evil will follow.

Therefore. why not switch your daily thoughts and expectations to positives? Leave home in the morning expecting great and positive things to happen to you, and as sure as it works in the negative, it also works in the positive.

Determine that henceforth, on a daily basis, you will make your life a joy and a delight by stepping out expecting just that, and you are sure to find it so. ‘He that seeketh findeth…..’ Matt. 7:8

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